Xbox Live Crash Sent Quarantined Gamers Into Shambolic State

With self-quarantine having reached an all-time high, well-meaning Xbox gamers found their best-laid plans crumbling.

It goes without saying that COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has been absolutely ubiquitous in its widespread fallout. Not only has the virus itself been wreaking havoc on the population, but the fact that nearly every facet of life has been affected feels particularly unprecedented.

In an effort to contain the spread, many have taken to self-quarantining, loading up on toilet paper in the hopes that a clean butt can help them clear out their gaming backlog. While such a correlation has yet to be confirmed, video games have been a comforting presence in this sudden age of isolation — that is until a server crashes and all hell breaks loose.

Yesterday, gamers found themselves facing a nightmare scenario as Xbox Live went down. It didn’t take long before Xbox themselves acknowledged the problem on Twitter, opening themselves up for a barrage of condescending memes. Of course, the situation all but wrote itself, forcing those of us with PC or PlayStation to resist the sudden twinge of gallows humor. Yet in these dark times, humor can often be one of the most effective coping mechanisms — so why not have a laugh at some of the clever responses concocted by scorned Xbox gamers below?

For those who have decided to turn to gaming in this trying time, perhaps one might consider one of the many available single-player options. The Last Of Us, for instance, or maybe Fallout 4. If a triple-A title isn’t your style, there’s always the indie favorite A Plague Tale: Innocence. Keep your wits about you gamers, we’re in this together.

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