PS5 Unreal Engine Demo Reveals Breathtaking Graphics

PS5 Unreal Engine Demo Reveals Breathtaking Graphics

While not much has been unveiled about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5, it would appear that the curtains are about to be lifted — even if it’s just a tad. Today, Epic Games took a moment to preview the upcoming Unreal Engine 5, with CEO Tim Sweeney praising the upcoming console’s specs as being superior to “the best SSD solution you can buy on PC today.” Alongside his comments stands a tech demo designed to showcase the new engine as it runs on the PlayStation 5.

The demo itself runs for about ten minutes, with developer commentary providing further insight into the technology powering the engine. While the gameplay demo was designed specifically to highlight the engine itself, it still goes a long way in revealing the potential of Sony’s powerhouse console. Expect major players like Naughty Dog, Capcom, and Rockstar Games to have a field day with the PlayStation 5; dreams of God Of War 2 are already starting to formulate, more so than they already have.

“This is not just a whole lot of polygons and memory,” elaborates Sweeney, as highlighted by IGN. “It’s also a lot of polygons being loaded every frame as you walk around through the environment and this sort of detail you don’t see in the world would absolutely not be possible at any scale without these breakthroughs that Sony’s made.”

At this point, we haven’t exactly learned much about the PlayStation 5 console itself, nor have Sony deemed it time to reveal any launch titles or final designs. Yet it’s clear that the time is coming — will you be moving to cop one of these beasts at launch this Holiday season?

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