PlayStation 5 Teardown from Sony Reveals How to Stand the Console Horizontally

PlayStation 5 Teardown from Sony Reveals How to Stand the Console Horizontally

The PlayStation 5 is set for a November 12 release and it’s been an intense battle to secure pre-orders for the next-gen console so far. Sony today shared a teardown video of the console showcasing all the internal components of the PS5. Yasuhiro Ootori, VP of the Mechanical Design Department for Sony showcased all components assembled by Sony in the teardown video.

When Sony first unveiled the PS5 back in June, it was shown the console can be placed horizontally as opposed to only the vertical position many thought it would stand. In the teardown video, Yasuhiro showcased how to place the PS5 horizontally by removing the base plate beneath the console when positioned vertically. The base plate is held by a screw and it can be clipped to the side of the console for users who prefer a horizontal orientation.

Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S with a visible expansion slot at the back of the console, users who want to increase the custom 825GB SSD of internal storage of the PS5 will have to open the side panels to do this. Removing the back panels is easy and it gives access to the M.2 slot. Compatible PCIe 4.0 drives can be plugged in to expand the storage of the PlayStation 5. To reduce noise when the custom SSD is running, Sony insulated its front and back with plastic covers to prevent this.

There are dust-protective mechanisms and cooling fan put in place inside the PS5. The teardown revealed a compact design and the improvements Sony has made in assembling the next-gen console so it delivers a powerful gaming experience.

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