See What to Do when Thiefs forced You To ATM machine to make withdraw.

Have you ever found your self in a situation where you been forced to go to the ATM machine at bank Premises of any other places ATM machine are found to withdraw money even though it is not of your own volition.


This has happened to a lot of individual who has been defrauded of their had earned money by Robbers, Fraudsters, Security agents and theirs.


This occurrences happens even on broad day light where the victims are helpless because they can’t do anything to help themselves in that situation like calling for help. In some cases, the victims are held at gun point and as such cannot make any suspicious move, otherwise they risk being harmed.


There is now a solution when you find your self in that delima, in which you can call for help or alert security operatives to come to your rescue with out the knowledge of the attacker. There are few measures you can take when you find yourself in this situation.


Here are few steps you need to take when you are being forced to the ATM to make withdraw out of your wish:


* Slot in Your ATM card into the ATM machine.

* Punch in your pin backwards. E.g: If your ATm pin is 1234, by typing it backwards you will type 4321.


When you are done putting your pin backwards, the ATM Machine will process your card,then align it with your pin and the money will come out but will be stuck in the slot.

Then the machine will immediately be alerted without the Robbers or the attackers knowledge and the ATM machine will start taking pictures of the suspect.


Note: Every ATM machine has this feature.

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