5 Features Of Xender App That Can Save You Data, Stress And Time You Don’t Know About.

Xender as we are aware of is an android and apple application that allows us to transfer files to people with in our environment, yet most of the users do not know the 5 features which also exist in the App I will be sharing with you, I hopeful you will find this post interesting and you should share the link of the post to people around you.

These are the 5 uses of xender you need to know about.

1. Convert Video (mp4) to music(Mp3)

With Xender, you can convert any music video you like to mp3 if you want to save time and data downloading the mp3 on the net. Even though you can use other apps you could download from play store to convert to mp3 but xender can actually convert it for you stress free.

Follow this steps.

i. Click on the xender app on your mobile phone.

ii. Now click on the mp3 below.


iii. Also click on the select icon to convert your any video of your choice to mp3.

2. Saving the videos you recently watched on social media.

After watching a video that you enjoyed on Facebook, twitter or Instagram and you are wondering how you want to save the video to your mobile phone, worry no more xender can do the job for you. Let us use twitter for a reference point, there are two methods to the job for you.

Follow this steps,

i. Click on the xender app to open it.

ii. Then minimize to the Twitter page you just watched the video.

iii. Now click on the dot with three circles under the video you just watched and click on the copy link to add, see pictures below,

iV. Come back and open your xender app and click on the social and slide to downloader to paste the link you copied from twitter and then download.

3. Transfer data from your old phone to the newly acquired phone.

When just buy a new phone and you want to transfer all your files to the new phone, and you are wondering how, xender is the App to help you with it.

Follow this steps:

open the xender app on the both phones and click on the 3 dots with a red shown in the picture below and click on the phone copy and follow the procedures afterwards.

4. You can manage your files on your Xender app.

Due to overload, sometimes phone master misbehaves on your phone which makes it loads slowly and you are checking for a particular file you want to send to someone, just open your xender and it would do the job very fast.

just swipe to files and do your jobs

5. You Can play games on xender applications

Just switch On your data in order to play games on your Xender app.

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