The Tech Police Makes Use Of To Know The Location Of A Gun Shots

A gunshot detection system or a gunfire locator is an advanced technology that is used to uncover and also convey the exact spot of gunfire by using different sensors, algorithms and AI technologies.


This type of technology is commonly used by security agencies, law enforcement agencies, the military and government buildings to identify the source, type of weapon and direction of the shot to neutralise it. A gunshot detection system is made up of the following components;


1. The Optical / electro-optical systems.

This is a system that senses the muzzle flash of the bullet or the heat generated by the friction of the bullet moving through the air.

2. An Acoustic system.

This is the system that listens for the bullet’s shockwave and the blast of the muzzle of the gun as it travels through the air.


Now that we have checked the components of these systems let’s take a look at how it works:


When a gun is shot, the loud sound from the muzzle blast travels outside, the acoustic sensors of the gunshot detection system are now initiated by that sound, it then uses AI and different triangulation techniques to know the exact location.


Its discovery are now inspected by the incident review centre of the law enforcement officers which they get to audit and confirm as a gunshot. The alert is then sent to the patrol officer to investigate the situation.

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